Name Scorpio
Level Range 50
Hp 1000
Dmg 50, 25, 100
Def 50
Dmg Type Fire, Slam
Creature Type Boss
Element Oiprocs
Drops Eye of Scorpio (33%)

Oiproccic Constallite x10 (50%) Oiproccic Ashes x30 (50%)

Coal x30 (75%)

Stone x60 (90%)

"Well, I guess I shouldn't have expected this to be easy!"

Scorpio is the first boss you encounter within the game, and is found within Leh Erif. He can be fought during the quest 'Golden Flames', however can be refought should the player own a Golden Ember.

Lore Edit

According to ancient Leethurian scriptures, Scorpio was one of the nine guardians created to serve the Kahpe by Suraut, but were transformed into channeling devices for his possession. Scorpio used to be a mount for Satarath, however they were separated when they became cursed.

Notes Edit

  • Scorpio is the only guardian to have been released from a constellation of Earth, rather than Leethuria, perhaps showing that Suraut had a connection to humanity before he was manipulated by them
  • Scorpio is the first enemy that is found by the player to possess multiple attack strategies