Possession is the process that Suraut used to convert most of Leethuria into mindless attack drones. The process involves polarising all constallite in the body and bending it to the will of said possesser.

Effect on the player Edit

Possession occurs on the player when they are afflicted with constallite damage.

Name Effect Rarity
Spawn 10-20 enemies spawn out of view of the player and begin to attack them. These phantoms are unable to do damage 50%
Hide All nearby enemies become invisible 25%
Reverse All allies with have their model switched with that of the nearest enemy to them 12.5%
Die An enemy will begin to attack you and be invincible. It will appear to damage you but never actually does 6.25%
Observe All items owned by the player are dropped as the player dies. All items despawn (Though in reality, nothing happens) 6.2499999%
Hahaha The program will appear to crash for 10 seconds 0.0000001%

Notes Edit

  • The final effect that may occur on the player contains a fourth wall break, seemingly indicating that the Kahpe know that you are 'playing' the game
  • Possession is similar to that of insanity in 'Eternal Darkness'