The Keys of Tyrok are Items used to summon Kahpe back after they're beaten. They are different to Polarised Keys

Aurum Ember Edit

Aurum embers restart the Satarath boss sequence and are consumed in the process.

Crafting Requirements Edit

100x Oiproccic Constallite

1x Golden Ember

Aurum Shard Edit

Aurum shards are used to reawaken Walcotnecom

Crafting Requirements Edit

100x Recnic Constallite

1x Golden Shard

Aurum Shadow Edit

Aurum shadows are required to redo the Zahlthorn boss sequence

Crafting Requirements Edit

100x Tharatt Constallite

1x Golden Shadow

Aurum Sponge Edit

Required to resummon Frossissin

Crafting Requirements Edit

100x Sorathic Constallite

1x Golden Sponge

Aurum Cloud Edit

Required to resummon Eagold

Crafting Requirements Edit

100x Nahvehyethic Constallite

1x Golden Cloud

Aurum Root Edit

Required to resummon Vahlcorplahst

Crafting Requirements Edit

100x Inoth Constallite

1x Golden Root

Aurum Heart Edit

Required to resummon Suraut

Crafting Requirements Edit

500x Constallite

Aurum Jewel Edit

Required to resummon Dymonofrac

Crafting Requirements Edit

100x Lahtsoth Constallite

1x Golden Jewel

Notes Edit

  • Tyrok was a time-travelling mythic who developed the original instances of the keys
  • Suraut's Key doesn't require a guardian's key to craft, despite the existence of a guardian of Suraut. This is due to it's extreme rarity within the game
  • Aurum is latin for gold, which seems to contradict a difference between the guardian and kahpe keys