The Kahpe are The main bosses of RISE: Elementals, being the owners of the guardians (Secondary bosses)

Satarath Edit

Satarath is the first Kahpe encountered in the game, as the second boss. He is found within the Leh Erif area during the quest 'Golden Flames'. He can be refought, providing the player uses an Aurum Ember

"He once protected the people of Leh Erif, protected all of us. Why? Why did you change?"

Name Satarath
Level Range 100
Hp 2000
Dmg 50, 100, 200
Def 75
Dmg Type Fire
Creature Type Boss
Element Oiprocs
Drops Satarath Amulet (100%)

Oiproccic Constallite x50 (100%)

Oiproccic Ashes x100 (100%)

Scraps x40 (50%)

Coal x20 (50%)

Stone x40 (50%)

Notes (Satarath) Edit

  • Satarath was one of the main objectors to humanity, and so voted against Remagen's residence within Leethuria, though they eventually warmed to eachother.
  • Satarath was created by the god named Feer, when the sun of Exmult was formed at the beginning of time
  • Satarath is a being of pure flame, and yet has no known fuel source. Some Leethurians believe that the metal bonds around his arms and legs were actually formed by Feer himself and so provide an infinite supply of heat to his theorised core of pure magma (as Oiprocs translates to Magma in Leethurian)

Walcotnecom Edit

Walcotnecom is the fourth boss in RISE, residing in the mountains of Nohynakk Jjib, and is the Kahpe of Recnac. He can be found during the quest named 'The Peaks', and can be refought is the player owns an Aurum Shard.

"You have been corrupted by him, but there must be something left of you. Tell me, won't you save your people?"

Name Walcotnecom
Level Range 150
Hp 2000
Dmg 75, 145, 290
Def 100
Dmg Type Slam, Slice, Curse
Creature Type Boss
Element Recnac
Drops Walcotnecom Amulet

Recnic Constallite x50

Recnic Stone x100

Stone x20

Dust x40

Scraps x20

Notes (Walcotnecom) Edit

  • Walcotnecom is derived from 'Mountain Claw', a reference to his attack style
  • Walcotnecom was created by Feer, alongside Satarath
  • The name 'Walcotnecom' is actually the name of his stone body, the actual entity who controls it is a fragment of Feer named Sudro, affectionately nicknamed Timmy by 'CTAVI'

Zahlthorn Edit

Zahlthorn is boss number six in RISE and is the Kahpe of Tharus, within Rethnew Nagley. The quest in which he is fought is named 'Roses and Thorns', though an Aurum Shadow can be used to reawaken him.

"Rethnew Nagley was once a place of wisdom and kindness, a place where the dead could finally move on, find lost loved ones to say goodbye. Now it is a desolate plane - annihilated by Suraut"

Name Zahlthorn
Level Range 200
Hp 4000
Dmg 100, 200, 400
Def 150
Dmg Type Slice, Curse, Terror
Creature Type Boss
Element Tharus
Drops Zahlthorn Amulet

Tharatt Constallite x50

Scales x100

Bone x20

Obsidian x40

Ink x50

Notes (Zahlthorn) Edit

  • 'Zahlthorn' Derives from the words 'Zalgo' and 'Thorn', referencing his dark and thorned appearance.
  • In Leethuria, Death is considered a blessing, hencewhy the landscape of Rethnew Nagley was held so high in the hopes of the elderly
  • Zahlthorn was created by Larynatt, during the formation of the leethurian sun - Exleeth
  • Never once has Zahlthorn removed his armour, leading some to believe that he is either fused to it or is held together by it
  • There is no part of Zahlthorn made of ink and yet he is able to drop it, leading some to believe that it is what lies under his armour, further backed up by the fact that he has advanced skills in calligraphy based magic


Frossissin is the eighth boss in the game, and can be battled in Crahtnah Dloc during the quest 'Waters of Leethuria' as the Kahpe of Sor. He can be resummoned by using an Aurum Sponge.

"These waters once gave life to all, now they're poisoned by pure constallite"

Name Frossissin
Level Range 250
Hp 4000
Dmg 200, 400, 800
Def 300
Dmg Type Suffocate, Slam, Curse
Creature Type Boss
Element Sor
Drops Frossissin Amulet

Sorathic Constallite x50

Coral x100

Waters of Crahtnah Dloc x20

Stone x40

Foam x50

Notes (Frossissin) Edit

  • 'Frossissin' derives from the word 'frost', the same is the case with 'Crahtnah Dloc', derived from 'Cold Antarctic'. This is likely due to the 'Sor' polarity originally being dedicated to ice, before it was converted to water.
  • Frossissin was created from the combined energies of both Feer and Ahes, making him one of the elder Kahpe
  • As is the case with Walcotnecom, Frossissin is the name of the body of water that makes him up. The name of his mind is actually 'Kernash' (A reference to an incredibly strange online video named 'Potato Knishes', which also earned him the name 'Johnny' by CTAVI)

Eagold Edit

Eagold is the boss of Nahvehyeh, and the similarly named polarity 'Nahvehy'. She appears as the tenth boss within the game during the quest 'Silver Lining'. She can be resummoned via an Aurum Cloud after her defeat.

"She doesn't live on Leethurian mainland, perhaps she was saved from the possession..."

Level Range 300
Hp 8000
Dmg 400, 800, 1600
Def 550
Dmg Types Slice, Cold, Impale
Creature Type Boss
Element Nahvehy
Drops Eagold Amulet

Nahvehyethic Constallite x50

Scraps x100

Air of Nahvehyeh x20

Marble x40

Purity x50

Notes (Eagold) Edit

  • Eagold is a fusion of the words 'Eagle' (Referencing the sky), and Gold (Referencing purity)
  • Eagold was created via the fusion of Larynatt's and Ahes' power, making her one of the eldest Kahpe
  • Eagold is the only female kahpe
  • Eagold is the second wisest kahpe, exceeded only by Lejjed Ohmeth
  • Eagold is one of two Kahpe to not be made out of naturally occuring substance

Vahlcorplahst Edit

Vahlcorplahst is the twelfth boss within Rise, and resides within the location named 'Tserof' of the 'Inev' Polarity. He is found during the quest named 'A Life or Death Situation'. He can be resummoned via an Aurum Root.

"All of the others have been captured, he must have been aswell. Let's fix that"

Name Vahlcorplahst
Level Range 350
Hp 16000
Dmg 800, 1600, 3200
Def 900
Dmg Type Poison, impale, slam
Creature Type Boss
Element Inev
Drops Vahlcorplahst Amulet

Inoth Constallite x50

Wood x100

Thorn x20

Toxin x40

Leaves x50

Notes (Vahlcorplahst) Edit

  • Vahlcorplahst comes from the words 'Vacuole' and 'Chloroplast', two parts of a plant cell
  • Vahlcorplahst was created by Larynatt and Ahes

Suraut Edit

Sutaut is the fourteenth and final boss in RISE. He occupies the city of Negamer fo Esaisid and the polarity of geretsae. He is fought within the quest named 'The Betrayal' and can be resummoned via an Aurum Heart

"Worry not, of what will happen in your past. Worry not of what happened in your future. Worry of what happens within the present, before yesterday and tomorrow come knocking"

Name Suraut
Level Range 400
Hp 32000
Dmg 1600, 3200, 6400
Def 1350
Dmg Type Constallite, Impale, Curse
Creature Type Final Boss
Element Geretsae
Drops Suraut Amulet

Constallite x50

Ivory x100

Gold x20

Scraps x40

Ora x50

Notes (Suraut) Edit

  • Suraut was formed by all of the god's power (Larynatt, Ahes and Feer), making him the eldest Kahpe, In joint with Lejjed Ohmeth
  • Suraut was convinced by a human to possess all other Kahpe, however he missed Lejjed Ohmeth
  • Suraut was originally close friends with Lejjed, until he went missing
  • Suraut backwards is 'Taurus', which relates to the nature of his power. Also, constallite derives from the word constellation and the main enemy from his territory is named Barc, or 'Crab', in relation to the Crab nebula. This shows that he has a close relationship with spacetime.
  • Suraut, Lejjed and Remagen once fought together in the Battle of Ecar, possibly showing that he had an attatchment to humanity and only wanted the best for them. This would explain why he was so easily manipulated by them. This is further proven by his weapon's name: 'Swuihtemohrp', derived from the word 'Promethius'

Lejjed Ohmeth Edit


Lejjed Ohmeth is the Kahpe of Negel, who resided within the Isles of Negel. He went missing at the end of the Battle of Ecar, and nobody has seen him since. He is mentioned throughout the storyline, however never actually appears ingame, despite his enormous importance. His last known location was the Cave of scriptures, where he was leaving his own message among those already there.

Dymonofrac Edit

"When Suraut's possession occured, Dymonofrac hid within his tower. As if that would be enough"

Dymonofrac is an optional boss residing within one of the towers on the Isles of Lahtseerc. He is also the Kahpe of Lahtseerc. He can be brought back via an Aurum Jewel

Name Dymonofrac
Level Range 500
Hp 128000
Dmg 6400, 12800, 25600
Def 2000
Dmg Type Impale, Slam, Slice
Creature Type Boss
Element Lahtseerc
Drops Dymonofrac Amulet

Lahtsoth Constallite x50

Quartz x100

Diamond x20

Aquamarine x40

Sapphire x50

Notes (Dymonofrac) Edit

  • Dymonofrac is the only Kahpe that can be battled, which has no immediately selectable element
  • Dymonofrac has no polarity resistances or weaknesses
  • Dymonofrac is the hardest boss currently ingame, despite being optional