Name Fyrefly
Level Range 1-30
Hp 100
Dmg 20
Def 0
Dmg Type Fire
Creature Type Mount
Element Oiprocs
Drops Fyrey Egg (5%)

Oiproccic Constallite x5 (30%)

Scales x2 (60%)

Stone x10 (60%)

"The fyrefly, nasty little things, play with fyre - you're gonna get burned"

Fyreflies are large insects used as mounts by demons in the Leh Erif area of Leethuria. They are located in the quest Golden Flames. In order to obtain a fyrefly, one must meet the following criteria:

Notes Edit

  • Fyreflies were the first creature added to RISE and were based on the Hellfire Spitter from the 'Eye of Judgement' game
  • Fyreflies are one of the 10 flying mounts currently in-game. This includes the royal variants
  • Fyreflies are seen feeding on Pmnicsum early ingame, despite how they're from the same realm. This is possibly due to Suraut's posession curse