Fieldwalkers are tall, ominous entities found throughout both Leethuria and the Glimpse. They seem to have the ability to hop between realities, as they can also be seen in 'Myths of Sorcery', 'Vox', 'The Horsemen', 'History Awakens' and 'M-CORE' (All of which are other games in development by C/). Whilst never actually attacking the player, they will begin to stalk them if the player gets too close. One tester at C/ got particularly close to one and began to joke about finding 'strange' or 'disturbing' images dotted around their Pc, though this was proven to be false as the images were not present.

Fieldwalkers were originally hostile and found in the glimpse under the name 'Xian', derived from the Chinese for 'sleet', but were later removed and replaced with the Horrotic. Due to a bug, their models occasionally can be seen with the remnants of their Ai causing movement, however they will be unable to interact with the player, other than with their 'stalk' mechanic. It is currently unknown if they will be removed at a later date.

CTAVI has named a Zaw (customised weapon) on Digital Extremes' 'Warframe' the Xian as a reference to them