Name Demon
Level Range 10-50
Hp 200
Dmg 30
Def 25
Dmg Type Fire
Creature Type Advanced
Element Oiprocs
Drops Hp (1.5625%)

Tattered Hood (1.5625%)

Tattered Cloak (1.5625%)

Tattered Belt (1.5625%)

Tattered Shoes (1.5625%)

Oiproccic Constallite x2 (12.5%)

Oiproccic Ashes x10 (25%)

Coal x5 (50%)

Stone x10 (50%)

Mgk (75%)

"It's a demon, they were assigned to protect the guardian of Oiprocs - Scorpio"

Demons are high level enemies that are found within Leh Erif. They are introduced during the quest 'Golden Flames' as guardians of Scorpio.

Notes Edit

  • Demons never remove their hoods, only their eyes are visible. Some Leethurians believe it was due to their birthing ritual, involving leaving a symbol engraved within the flesh
  • Demons have shown to be capable of great feats of constallic manipulation, and have occasionally dragged humans into their realm (Earning it the slang term 'Hell')