Damage is the method of decreasing an entities current HP. It is separated into two types: Physical and Elemental

Physical Damage Edit

Name Effect
Slam Decreases durability of armour by double the normal effect, chance to stun low health entities
Slice Causes Armour repair chances to be decreased by 10% of the current level
Impale Causes bleedout

Notes Edit

  • The mechanics of these are notably similar to that of 'Warframe' an online free to play by Digital Extremes

Elemental Damage Edit

Name Effect
Fire Causes constant damage over time, can spread to nearby players
Curse Slows and reduces spell damage by 50%
Terror Disengages all control of the character and forces them to run away from the enemy
Suffocate Causes constant damage over time and slows player
Cold Slows, does a small amount of damage and can be transferred to nearby players
Poison Causes high damage over time and halves max health for twice the amount of time you are affected by damage
Constallite Causes hallucinations

Notes Edit

  • Most elemental damage is done over time
  • Constallite is the only damage type that doesn't outright damage the player, but instead tricks them into seeing nonexistent events